Facebook Login

Meraki and Facebook can now provide a social sign-on experience for users logging into Wi-Fi hotspots. Similar to how Meraki splash pages can be used for a customized branding experience, you can now use a specific Facebook page as the sign-on page a user sees when they first log in with Wi-Fi. Users can then check-in with their Facebook credentials, update their status, and ‘like’ the Facebook page.

The Facebook Wi-Fi FAQ is available on the Facebook website.

Benefits of Facebook Login

  • Deliver a better Wi-Fi user experience - Wi-Fi login experience is ‘social’, friends can share their location and tag other friends, add photos

  • Connect more with your end-users - Increase traffic on your Facebook page, share offers and announcements, make it easier for your customers to check-in and like your business

  • Increase visibility of your business on Facebook - Facebook Login promotes check-ins, meaning your business can increase the number of people you reach, and the number of stories generated about your brand in the News Feed

  • Deepen social media analytics - gain insight into aggregate demographics data from check-ins, reach customers who check-in with Facebook ads

Facebook Login Sign-on Flow

  1. User connects to merchant's wireless network
  2. User launches browser
  3. User can check-in on Facebook (optional to skip, or use a Wi-Fi code instead)

Configuring Meraki Wi-Fi with Facebook Login

After creating a Facebook page, Facebook Login is configured on the Configure > Access control page by taking the following steps:

1. Select ‘Sign-on with Facebook Wi-Fi’ under the ‘Splash page’ section and pressing the ‘Save’ button:


2. You will now see a link under the ‘Sign-on with Facebook Wi-Fi’ tab - ‘Configure Facebook settings here’. Clicking on this link will take you to your Facebook Wi-Fi settings page.

3. If you are not logged into Facebook, you will be prompted to log into Facebook. Once you have logged in, you will see the following settings that will let you pair your Meraki network with your Facebook Page:

4. Here, you can select which Facebook Page you want to pair your Meraki network with. You must log in with the same admin credentials that are used to manage your Facebook Page (information on how to create a Facebook Page for your location or business is available here). You can also select for your users to require a check-in with their Facebook credentials, or allow them to use Wi-Fi codes that can be issued from your Facebook admin panel (more info on that available here).

5. Now when users sign onto this SSID, they will be redirected to your Facebook Page and asked to check-in.

Structuring Parent-Child Facebook Pages

If you want to configure a unique Facebook Page per location (and you have configured multiple Meraki networks with one per location), you'll need to set up a Facebook 'Parent-child' structure for your main Facebook Page if you haven't already done that. There are more details in the Facebook Wi-Fi FAQ on how to get this set up easily. Configuring each individual location to have its own Facebook Page is the recommended model as people can check-in at these specific location, and you can drive visibility into each of your individual locations.

If you want to configure all locations to point to a single Facebook Page, all of those locations will need to be within a single Meraki network - you cannot point multiple different Meraki networks to the same Facebook page. The recommended model is for you to have each location within a separate Meraki network so that you can receive reports and presence analytics information, as well as run comparisons, on a per-location basis.

To get started immediately, you can read this 1-pager on Facebook Parent-Child pages, download a sample template spreadsheet for filling out information on the children pages, read the tips for how to fill out the spreadsheet, and send the filled out spreadsheet along with the following info to fbwifisupport@fb.com:

  • Name

  • Parent Page name

  • Link to Parent Page

Advertising Facebook Wi-Fi

An optional 'Free Internet' Facebook banner ad is available for you to display in your store window or business entrance to help attract users. Click here to download this ad: Facebook Wi-Fi Sticker.png.